Thorsten Wißmann

I am studying computer science at the FAU (University of Erlangen) since October 2009.


You can get my e-mail address by reading the following characters strictly from the left to the right:

e u t o s e - i s a n d
 d @ h r t n w s m n . e    (GPG-Key-ID: 0x1CAFF810)

Software Projects

This is a list of software projects I do or did:

  • herbstluftwm, a manual tiling window manager for X (you can browse the source in the gitweb). If you have any questions or comments on it, then feel free to join #herbstluftwm on

  • xmtpong, a multitouch pong implementation for X, for 2 or more players.

  • DEA Editor, a gui tool to create and test (recognizing) finite state machines.

  • nose, a small ncurses-based utility to manage your notes as many plain text files.

  • joy2launch, a configurable daemon which maps joystick buttons to commands (to control anything).


  • Talk about geometric algorithms at the course "Hallo Welt" für Fortgeschrittene (German), July 2nd 2010: Slides

  • Talk about the difference of window managers at the Konferenz der Informatik-Fachschaften (conference of computer science student councils), November 18th 2011: Slides

  • Lightning talk about herbstluftwm at the 28th Caos Communication Congress in Berlin, December 30th 2011: Slides (It also has been recorded by the CCC and put on youtube)